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My names Thomas Henley and I’m an autism advocate, having 4 years of experience producing educational content around autism and mental health in Harrogate & Manchester. I play a large part in the autistic community through my work on media a multitude of platforms around the country and in my partnerships with various charities and organisations like Anna Kennedy Online or Fidgetbum.

I started off my journey in life as a successful Taekwondo athlete, where I achieved gold medals at the Commonwealth Championships and the National Championships. I was commended by the martial arts community for the spirit and hardiness I demonstrated in my final victory at the Commonwealth against a giant Australian heavyweight; for my efforts I was awarded with the coveted ’Best Male Fighter’ trophy. I trained at renowned camps and competed across the globe with some of best athletes in world, and I’ve carried the confidence with me in my later-life endeavours.

In 2019, I graduated with an honours degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University Of Manchester, with a Manchester Leadership Gold Award, and a highly commended Science Communication project. The project ‘Aspergers In Society’ consisted of a full-length documentary which delved into the link between autism and mental health. Since then, it’s featured in top newspapers, has thousands of YouTube hits, has a website, and has opened up many avenues for myself to disseminate vital information to the public.

Public speaking, YouTube videos (Aspergers Growth), podcasts, ambassadorships, trustee roles, blog writing and radio interviews are a few of many things I engage in regularly in the pursuit of understanding and positive societal change. I currently work as a special needs teaching assistant alongside my media work, and so have a lot of multi-faceted experiences on those topics I speak on.

You can support Thomas’ project, Aspergers Growth, by clicking on the button below. Throughout Thomas’ many years watching YouTube videos he hasn’t found a whole lot of new, useful ideas and takes on life that satisfy his analytical brain. In a world where depression and anxiety are on the rise, he’s here to fill your brains with ideas and explanations that may just turn your life around!


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