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Where Does The Money Go?

So, where does the money go when I buy something from this shop? Well, once we have paid the supplier all of the proceeds go towards the upkeep of the station. We contract the manufacturing of these items on a per-order basis. This means that there is no excessive expenditure or surplus stock. You can read about what the money we raise goes towards on this page.

The goods are manufactured to the demand of our listeners.

All of the items on this page are priced fairly enough to allow the profit from the sale of the items to form a small donation to the station. All of the proceeds from the sale (minus the cost of manufacturing the items) will go to the station.

When you order an item, please keep an eye out in your email for a follow up email – this will give us the opportunity to plant a tree on your behalf. We have teamed up with Tree Nation to offset the Carbon footprint of the website and the reforestation of the planet is a key factor in our campaign. You can read about our Environmental policy, and the pledges we make, on this page. So, keep an eye out for that email and plant dem trees!

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