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#9 Sounds Of The Sixties with Paul Richards

Paul Richards April 4, 2021

“I will be playing all the hits of the decade plus some of those forgotten gems.”

Right from the early hits of Cliff Richard & the Shadows to Elvis and the Rock n’ Roll era right through to ‘The Summer of Love’ with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, The Kinks and beyond. As they say, if you can actually remember the 60’s then you probably weren’t there, so take a trip back in time with Paul Richards, get yourself a beer and just chill man.”

Paul Richards grew up in the 60’s. A time when pop music was just really starting to be heard on radio & TV.

In the early 60’s the only way a teenager could hear this wonderful music was on Radio Luxembourg and then on the pirate radio stations bobbing up & down on the North Sea like Radio Caroline. And remember they only had vinyl in those days!

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