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DJ Trev’s Mixtape #5

DJ Trev March 27, 2021

All from vinyl again as I wait to repair my CD player for yet another month, due to idle idleness. This show has in introductory half hour of Hardcore Rave from the early nineties. This was due to the fact that someone got in touch and actually asked me to do some Hardcore, and since hardly anyone ever gets in touch about these shows, it seemed the polite thing to do.

The mixtape itself has – for side one – a Euro and High-Energy mix which is quite fairground and cheesy. Hopefully it doesn’t take it too far, but there are plenty of chart hits with dodgy rap bits in, from artists you might remember from The Hits Show on ITV.

Side two is a much more underground affair, with a mix I did recently for Solid Sound. This veers wildly from current techno and house, to incredibly old Happy Hardcore and even a bit of Gabber. As with all my shows, results may vary and all of my content is best listened to with the volume off. All the best, Trev xxx

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DJ Trev’s Mixtape

A Mixtape From Vinyl

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