Gathering The Mushrooms #13

Mrs Moons November 25, 2020

Take a trip through the world of old and new folky offerings. From Maypoles and Midsummer, to sex, death, magic and the toils of the common man. This is a series of programmes designed to tempt you down the rabbit hole of traditional music and beyond. Whether you’re a fan of crushed velvet or Aran Jumpers, you’re welcome.

Tracklist –

(Artist / Song)

  1. Midwinter / Winter Song
  2. John Renbourn / Caroline’s Tune
  3. Dervish / David Gray / The West Coast Of Clare
  4. Stairheid Gossip / The Burning Of Auchindoon
  5. Crosby & Nash / Lay Me Down
  6. Waking The Witch / Spring Song
  7. The Unthanks / Mount the Air
  8. Dave Evans / The Words in Between
  9. Nick Drake / River Man
  10. Sandy Denny / Late November
  11. Sibylle Baier / I Lost Something in the Hills
  12. Barry Coope / Jim Boyes / Lester Simpson / Jerusalem Revisited
  13. Show Of Hands / Hambledon Fair

Gathering The Mushrooms

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