Gathering The Mushrooms #20

Mrs Moons January 13, 2021

Take a trip through the world of old and new folky offerings. From Maypoles and Midsummer, to sex, death, magic and the toils of the common man. This is a series of programmes designed to tempt you down the rabbit hole of traditional music and beyond. Whether you’re a fan of crushed velvet or Aran Jumpers, you’re welcome.

Tracklist –

(Artist / Song)

  1. Jackson C. Frank – Blues Run the Game – 2001 Remaster
  2. David Bowie – Come And Buy My Toys
  3. Kate Rusby – High on a Hill
  4. Jim Moray – Jack Tar
  5. The Imagined Village – Cum On Feel The Noize
  6. The Willows – False Light
  7. The Watersons – The North Country Maid
  8. Salt House – Turn Ye to Me
  9. Saltfishforty – Whisky
  10. Bibio – Oakmoss
  11. The Paper Kites – Bloom – Bonus Track
  12. Midlake – Young Bride
  13. Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton – Erin-Go-Bragh / Rakish Paddy
  14. Laura Marling – Only The Strong
  15. Johnny Flynn; Laura Marling – The Water
  16. Fay Hield; The Hurricane Party – The Lover’s Ghost

Gathering The Mushrooms

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