The Dale-y Show 6th May 2020

Craig J & Rachel Joynson May 6, 2020

The Dale-y Show is two hours of light-hearted ramblings of husband and wife team, Rachel & Craig.

Listen to them discuss things that have happened to them or stuff theyโ€™ve seen on the old internet.

As well as a chunk of fun chat, they also play some great music in between, from The Beach Boys to Beyoncรฉ, from Elton John to Ed Sheeran. So, tune in Dale-y at 2pm and see whatโ€™s up for discussion.

And if you want to join in with the chat, go to Facebook and head toย The Dale-y Show, orย email Craig & Rachel! Theyโ€™d love to hear from you!

Until the Coronavirus outbreak, Craig J was a full-time DJ – if you want to support him in his work, and keep him going, chip in for the cost of a coffee; it will make his day!


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