The Jazz Show: Episode #5

Andy Backhouse September 13, 2020

Journeying from Bebop to Spiritual through Cosmic to Free, and covering all in between; Andy will play the music you need to hear on a Sunday afternoon. Broadcasting every second Sunday of the month at 4pm. To keep up to date with progress on The Jazz Show, feel free to sign up to the Newsletter HERE.

Andy had a picture of his ideal radio show in mind. Many years ago, Donald Fagen wrote a song called The Nightfly. It described the story a lone-wolf disc jockey, passing the night on the fictional WJAZ, which provided “jazz and conversation from the foot of Mount Belzoni”. The cover of the album showed Fagen doing two things you wouldn’t be permitted to do in a modern radio studio: one is smoking, the other is actually playing records… but, you are stuck with Andy Backhouse. Andy will be covering Jazz Standards as well as a great selection of newer releases.


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Artist / Release / Track
Kenny Burrell / Chitlins Con Carne
Otis Ubaka / Morning Chill
SicknessMP / Nuz An Tara
Funky Fella / Royal Mental Trip
Cap Kendricks/Clap Cotton / Saturnian Potion
Twit One / Slypknot
Milky Fella / Wandering
Vanilla / Tell
softy / Sweet Dreams
Tom Doolie/Saib / New Fields
Blue Lab Beats / Hi There
Tom Misch/Yussef Dayes / Last 100
Simon Jefferis/Rosie Lowe / White Rabbit
FloFilz/Alfa Mist / Camberwell
Horace Silver / Song For My Father
Clark Terry / Swahili
Miles Davis / Blue in Green
Chet Baker / If You Could See Me Now
James Spaulding / Uhuru Sasa
James Tatum / Zoombah Lu
The Frank Derrick Total Experience / No Jive
Leon Gardner / Be There
Hackney Colliery Band/Dennis ‘Funkybone’ Rollins / Ricochet
Erich Kleinschuster / Communion
José Feliciano / Light My Fire
Martin Wind, Philip Catherine & Ack van Rooyen / White Noise
David Bixler / pt 3 Trenches

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