The Parish News #217

Andrew Backhouse October 25, 2020

The Parish News is a weekly syndicated experimental radio show & podcast that is aired internationally, yet recorded in Harrogate. Hosted by Andy Backhouse, the show plays avant-garde and unusual music, field recordings and noise.

Andy trawls the underbelly of the art world to bring you sounds you have not heard before. Working closely with the bigger names in Art PR, he selects the music that is the most fitting with current global trends and artistic direction. While the presenting style is Guerrilla and ambivalently irrelevant, the music is always spot on.

Featuring –

(Artist / Album / Track)

  1. Ales Tsurko / The Hate / Part 1
  2. nostalgia / dystopia / within an orange sodium glow
  3. Benjamin Finger & James Plotkin / We Carry the Curse / We Carry the Curse
  4. Numinos / Grains / Trondheim
  5. Richard “Heldon” Pinhas feat. Stephen O’Malley / Quentin Compson / Quentin Compson 3
  6. Jasmine Guffond & Erik K Skodvin / The Burrow / The Burrower
  7. Opening Performance Orchestra, Bill Laswell, Iggy Pop ft. William S. Burroughs, Martina
  8. Potucková & Alfred Sabela / The Acid Lands / The Acid Lands
  9. Denis Frajerman / Macau Peplum / Le Voyeur
  10. Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay / Exterior Lux / Walkabout
  11. MIRT : TER / Bacchus Where Are You? / Bacchus Theme
  12. Annette Vande Gorne / Illusion / Au-delà du réel
  13. Meitei / Kofū / Manyo
  14. Gianmaria Aprile / Rain, Ghosts, One Dog and Empty Woodland / Part III
  15. Summer Of Seventeen / Summer Of Seventeen / Perceived Slight

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