Farewell, Geeks!

Written by on April 10, 2021

The sun is out and the birds are singing.

Last night was a bit of a shock for me, as station controller, when I tuned in to the excellent Geeks At The Gates show.

Regie (the host and owner of Destination Venus) announced that it would be the last episode for the podcast! I had not been told!

However, Geeks At The Gates is dead, long live… ????

Long live ‘what’, though?

There will be a podcast returning next Thursday on the station (Monday from the Destination Venus’ website) but it is still all a bit up in the air as to what it will be called or what format it will be; they have promised us comics reviews, interviews and chat about series on the telly and movies – all good, community-based geeky fun.

Much of a muchness really.

Geeks At The Gates (GATG) has warmed me through Lock Down – I admit, I will steer clear of playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons but there was a grace, charm and cuddliness to the shows that they transmitted that helped you fall in love with them, with their ways and with the subject matter. In short, GATG made people better people.

They have set the bar high; so, Regie, if you are reading this (or any of the other Geeks, as they call themselves, are reading this) then thank you. Thank you for being there through whatever the Pandemic threw at Harrogate; you remained constant, you remained strong and you remain oh so incredibly geeky.

Good luck in the future.
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