Music lovers!

Interested in exploring something new? Join Free Music veteran and broadcaster, Andrew Backhouse, as he uncovers Improv & Free Music in all its many forms.

The radio show, Certified Tonk, will explore the impact of Free Music & Improv in our lives and culture — playing all sounds from live performances to unheard tunes.

Give your ears a break from your regular playlist and catch the new series on Harrogate Community Radio.

Tune in Wednesdays at 23:30 for Certified Tonk with Andrew Backhouse.


(Artist – Album – Track)

  1. These Things Happen – These Things Happen – Gotta Get Some Sleep
  2. George Dumitriu – Monk on Viola – Round Midnight
  3. Brahja – Watermeloncolia – O.P.K.
  4. Maliks Emerging Force Art Trio – Time & Condition – madagaskar
  5. Francesca Naibo – So Much Time – D’accordo / Fun Time

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