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Formerly on Chill DAB

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The biggest show we will ever broadcast...

Bruce Bickerton [aka alucidnation] has been writing and producing music since he invested in his first studio equipment in the early ’90s after being exposed to the ambient house boom of the late ’80s.

As part of the drive to help the station’s presenters gain a bit of money from their show, during the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have included Bruce’s Button below. Please, if you listen to his show and you feel you have gained any worth from listening to it consider chucking in a tip to Bruce This could be the price of a cup of coffee…


Please buy me a coffee!Please buy me a coffee!

Eclectronica was a ‘specialist show’ on the award-winning Chill DAB, attracting on average 20K listeners a week. All shows to date are archived here on MixCloud, click HERE for more on that – they are well worth a listen. Harogate Community Radio have been given permission to re-broadcast the shows, which is a real honour.


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Podcast of previous episodes

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Eclectronica crew

alucidnation is the audio project of Bruce Bickerton.

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