Take a trip through the world of old and new folky offerings. From Maypoles and Midsummer, to sex, death, magic and the toils of the common man. This is a series of programmes designed to tempt you down the rabbit hole of traditional music and beyond. Whether you're a fan of crushed velvet or Aran Jumpers, you’re welcome.


Inlay Card

Ora Cogan – Cowgirl – Formless
John Francis Flynn – Lovely Joan – I Would Not Live Always
Daisy Rickman – Borelesyow Bleujyowa – Donsya A'n Loryow
The Gentle Good – Pan own i ar foreddydd – Galargan
Archie Churchill-Moss – Odi & Nancy – Ph(r)ase
Ben Walker – Northern Lights – Banish Air From Air
Harbottle and Jonas – Now The Green Blade Riseth – Saving The Good Stuff, Vol. 1
Cooper and Toller – The Wild Wild Berry – A Number Of Work
Jon Wilks – Gallons of Brandy/ Fox Tell – Before I Knew What Had Begun I Had Already Lost
Leveret – Cotillion – Forms
The Ciderhouse Rebellion; Kirsty Merryn – The Thurifers – The Devil's on the Mast
Johnny Campbell; The Brothers Gillespie – Here's the Tender Coming / The Keel Row – Here's the Tender Coming / The Keel Row
Rura – The Soft Mist Over All – Dusk Moon
Salt House – The Salmon Run – Riverwoods
Karine Polwart; Kris Drever – Northern Sky – The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake

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