Take a trip through the world of old and new folky offerings. From Maypoles and Midsummer, to sex, death, magic and the toils of the common man. This is a series of programmes designed to tempt you down the rabbit hole of traditional music and beyond. Whether you're a fan of crushed velvet or Aran Jumpers, you’re welcome.


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Katherine Priddy – Wolf – The Eternal Rocks Beneath
Jim Moray – Hind Etin – Skulk
Waterson:Carthy – Raggle Taggle Gipsies – Broken Ground
Ninebarrow – Weave Her A Garland – Releasing the Leaves
John Renbourn – The Hermit – The Hermit
Mat Williams – The Mermaid – Full English – A Collection of Traditional British Folk Songs
Faustus – The Deadly Sands – Death and Other Animals
Alastair McDonald – Come All Ye Tramps and Hawkers – Gretna to Glencoe
Alasdair Roberts – Drimindown – Grief in the Kitchen and Mirth in the Hall
Sam Sweeney – Escape That – Escape That
Holy Moly & The Crackers – Willy Had a Fiddle – First Avenue
Bob Fox; Benny Graham – Farewell Johnny Miner – How Are You off for Coals?
Fay Hield – Jenny Wren – Wrackline
Janice Burns & Jon Doran – Glasgow Peggy – Janice Burns & Jon Doran
John Doyle – The Rambler from Clare (Song) – The Path of Stones
Salt House – Lord Ullin's Daughter – Huam


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