Got that Friday feeling? Well, grab something nice to drink, settle back into your comfiest chair and join me, Graham Mather, while I take you on a journey through the finest MOBO music I can find. There’ll be soul music, Motown and Philly tracks, Old School and R&B, disco and dance, or in fact, anything with a good groove. TGIF!

Featuring –

  1. Any Time, Any Place – Janet Jackson
  2. The Art Of Love – Toni Braxton
  3. You Sure Love To Ball – Marvin Gaye
  4. Pillow Talk – Sylvia
  5. Love To Love You Baby – Donna Summer
  6. Turn On The Lights – Kellee Patterson
  7. Turn Off The Lights – Teddy Pendergrass
  8. Let's Make A Baby – Billy Paul
  9. Touch Me Baby (Reaching Out For Your Love) – Tamiko Jones
  10. You're Gonna Get Next To Me – Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis
  11. Intimate – Smokey Robinson
  12. Between The Sheets – Isley Brothers

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