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Questions For Jack:

    1. Who are you and what is your tie to the station?
    2. Do you have a favourite of the short stories that you have read on air?
    3. What is the noblest breed of dog?
    4. What is the furthest you have travelled for a gig and who was it?
    5. If you could live your life again, in what era would you want to live it? This is facing the trials of everyday life as well as the era’s beauty.

    Black Celebration by Depeche Mode

    1. What do you think everyone should try at least once?
    2. What was your favourite tv show as a child?
    3. Would you rather be able to read people minds or have super strength?
    4. What subject could you never be interested in even if you tried?
    5. What motivates you?I’m

    The Magpie by The Unthanks

    1. Whose artwork do you admire?
    2. Do you want to believe?
    3. Land or sea?
    4. What's the best thing about Harrogate?
    5. How do you make a proper brew?

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