Hi, I’m DJ MsChief. Mama, wife, writer and poet. I specialise in not doing as I’m told and my mission for this show is to bring you tunes that will make you smile, tunes that will make you dance and tunes that will help you to remember the magic in the world.

I have listed this weeks tunes on the inlay card below.If you have any suggestions or comments please do post below. Sending smiles and sparkles, DJ MsChief xx

Inlay Card

Em Beihold – City of Angels – City of Angels
American Murder Song – Pretty Lavinia – Murder Ballads of 1816: The Year Without a Summer
Baby Bugs – Pure As A Lamb – Heavenly
Louie Zong – Asymptotic – Singles
Mia Stegner – Loveless – Loveless
Evelyn Evelyn – Elephant Elephant – Evelyn Evelyn
Orla Gartland – Oh GOD – Freckle Season
Kathleen – Glass Piano – Kathleen II
Jake Nielsen; Ned McPhie; Thomas Taufan; Deerstalker Pictures – What Friends Are For (From “1 For All”) – What Friends are For (From “1 For All”)
Cavetown; Tessa Violet – Smoke Signals (feat. Tessa Violet) – Smoke Signals (feat. Tessa Violet)
Ratwyfe – Let's B Goblins! – Mushroom Melancholia
Spence Hood – So You Wanna Marry Daisy – The Beginner's Guide To Theatrical Pop
Julian Moon – Pomegranate Seeds – Pomegranate Seeds
Eleisha Eagle – The Quittin' Kind – Neither Here Nor There
Mia Stegner – From Your Room – Indebted to Blue
Lilli Furfaro – Pain And Pleasure – Pain And Pleasure
Stephanie Mabey – Heart-Shaped Hologram – I Still Taste Fire – EP
Dirt Poor Robins – Welcome to Lady Hell – The Raven Locks Act 3
Mia Stegner – Scribbles – Scribbled Pleas on Yellowed Keys
Vashti Bunyan – Here Before – Lookaftering

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