The opportunity to create a radio programme is a chance to share my music favourites with a wider audience. My taste is eclectic covering many genres and I would hope to turn people onto some maybe less well known artists as well as enjoying the big names, welcoming them into β€œMy Music World.”

Since I've been loving you (Led Zeppelin cover)
Shaping (for JB)
Who would want to live this way
Napoleon alone
Soldier-Area 40
You're killing the flowers
Uncomfortable in Ukraine
Do you have an alibi, Boris Johnson?
Move and stay still
Bradford waltz
Let's start today
Background-And round we go

If you'd like to listen to any of my music it's on all the streaming services under “Peter Mcloughlin” except for Soldier which is under “Area40” with some other good stuff. I hope you enjoy.

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