The opportunity to create a radio programme is a chance to share my music favourites with a wider audience. My taste is eclectic covering many genres and I would hope to turn people onto some maybe less well known artists as well as enjoying the big names, welcoming them into β€œMy Music World.”

Tomorrowland (the threshold of 1947)-Bill Nelson
Regret-New Order
Are friends electric?-Gary Newman/Tubeway Army
7 Seconds-Youssou N'Dour, Neneh Cherry
Come as you are-Nirvana
How you remind me-Nickelback
Fake Empire-The National
Big River-Jimmy Nail
You get what you give-New Radicals
I miss you-Randy Newman
All I think about is you-Harry Nilsson
Always on my mind-Willy Nelson
Jolly coppers on parade-Randy Newman
C.M.-Ken Nichol
American Beauty-Thomas Newman (background music)

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