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DJ Scooby presents a World Music Radio Show.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, Scooby was a qualified Gardener. He worked in the community helping his clients get the most from their green plot. Due to the virus, he is unable to work – a ot of his clients are elderly and infirm. If you have the resources, chip in for less than the price of a pint of beer and keep Scooby ticking over.


Buy me an espresso if you can?Buy me an espresso if you can?

On the Sound Of Wonder, DJ Scooby plays a selection of down-tempo, contemporary world music. His shows are quite eclectic & he gets to play music that we do not think you would have heard before.

The Sound Of Wonder Radio Show is a weekly podcast that gets played on radio stations on both sides of the Atlantic. Rocking up and recording the podcast at Creao Studio (www.creao.uk) every week and sipping a few cold ones – the resulting show is always fun to record and we get there in the end.

“On my show, I play down-tempo, contemporary world music – I wanted to create a show that would suit the small hours. A show that would not weird out insomniacs but keep them company. I make my radio show because I think the music is good – here you can find out what I play and listen to the Podcast. I would not be playing the music if I did not think it was good music. Plus, this is just the tip of the iceberg, I have yet to show you my full collection of World Music.”

If you dig the show and want to say ‘thanks’ to Scooby – you can buy him a coffee HERE.

For more on the Sound Of Wonder, please visit www.soundofwonder.co.uk

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