Journeying from Bebop to Spiritual through Cosmic to Free, and covering all in between; Andy will play the music you need to hear on a Sunday afternoon. Broadcasting every second Sunday of the month at 4pm.

Andy had a picture of his ideal radio show in mind. Many years ago, Donald Fagen wrote a song called The Nightfly. It described the story a lone-wolf disc jockey, passing the night on the fictional WJAZ, which provided “jazz and conversation from the foot of Mount Belzoni”. The cover of the album showed Fagen doing two things you wouldn’t be permitted to do in a modern radio studio: one is smoking, the other is actually playing records… but, you are stuck with Andrew Backhouse. Andy will be covering Jazz Standards as well as a great selection of newer releases.

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  1. Kuumba-Toudie Heath – Kawaida
  2. Alabaster DePlume – Whisky Story Time
  3. seed.; XANA – Afronaut (feat. XANA)
  4. 2 Bad Card – Leaving Rome (Parts 1 & 2)
  5. James Newton – Arkansas Suite (Benny)
  6. Stanton Davis' Ghetto/Mysticism – Play Sleep
  7. Coby Sey – To
  8. Nubya Garcia; Ms MAURICE; Cassie Kinoshi; Richie Seivwright – Source [Feat. Ms MAURICE, Cassie Kinoshi, Richie Seivwright]
  9. Visible Cloaks; Miyako Koda – Valve
  10. Annette Peacock – Pony
  11. Giorgis Xylouris; Stelios Petrakis; Periklis Papapetropoulos – Barbouni
  12. Owen Marshall – Nanas Sleeping
  13. Roland P. Young – Night Air
  14. Am 4 – Streets And Rivers
  15. Jasper Van't Hof – Associations
  16. Greg Foat; Aleksi Heinola; Teemu Åkerblom – Cigarettes Beer And Cat Hair
  17. Carlos Niño; Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Part I
  18. Shabaka – Ital is vital
  19. Mulatu Astatke – Kasalefkut-hulu – Stereo Master
  20. Pharoah Sanders – Love
  21. Jaimie Branch – Theme 002
  22. Angel Bat Dawid – Transition East

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