The Present Age is a postmodernist music show, a mix of different genres from modern pop to instrumental dream-pop-post-folk-neo-everything and any theme is pure coincidence.


(Artist / Track)

Brian Limond – Star Wars theme TECHNO VERSION
SiM – The Rumbling
Saint Saviour – This Ain't No Hymn
Max Richter, Louisa Fuller, Natalia Bonner, John Metcalfe, Philip Sheppard, Chris Worsey – On the Nature of Daylight
Holy Fawn – Drag Me into the Woods
Give My Remains to Broadway – Comfort of the Void
M!R!M, Kat Day – Another Life Another Time
Forgiveness – Mushroom Umbrella
Alesso – Dark
Pastel Ghost – Silhouette
KSLV Noh – Disaster
Danz CM – I Don't Need a Hero
AmaLee – Gurenge (From Demon Slayer)
Fine-Sir-1584660650 – Some Things I've Been Thinking About Lately


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