The Present Age is a postmodernist music show, a mix of different genres from modern pop to instrumental dream-pop-post-folk-neo-everything and any theme is pure coincidence.


(Artist / Track)

Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen
Ezekiel – help_urself
Mr.Kitty – Habits (feat. PASTEL GHOST)
Haunt Me – Dancing In The Dark
Nightspace – Sacrifice
The Mall – An Answer
LEATHERS – Missing Scene
Caroline Kingsbury – Breaking Apart
Montaigne, Daði Freyr – make me feel so… (feat. Dadi Freyr)
His Electro Blue Voice – Body Crash
DJ Snake – Frequency 75
Patrick Topping, Kevin Saunderson – Frisk
Mr.Kitty – Everything Will Be Okay
Kap Bambino – Erase
Damn Whøre – Intro Outro


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