The Present Age is a postmodernist music show, a mix of different genres from modern pop to instrumental dream-pop-post-folk-neo-everything and any theme is pure coincidence.


(Artist / Track)


SelloRekt / LA Dreams – A Dystopian Fixation
admo – Equinox
Prince Innocence – Noches
Lavoe – u.
▽ – bessiliye
Rosa Walton, Hallie Coggins – I Really Want to Stay at Your House
Supernaive – Opal Waltz
Hot Chip – Broken
Soccer Mommy – Shotgun
Squirrel Flower – So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings
Ghostwood Empire – Lo
Moby – New Dawn Fades
Astra King – All The Small Things (Live at Pop Carol)
Inspiring Movement (Royalty Free Music)


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