The Present Age is a postmodernist music show, a mix of different genres from modern pop to instrumental dream-pop-post-folk-neo-everything and any theme is pure coincidence.


(Artist / Track)


Car Seat Headrest – I Want You to Know That I'm Awake i Hope That You're Asleep
ahan horita – The Man Who Saved Me on my Isekai Trip was a Killer
Oliver Tree, Robin Schulz – Miss You
Plone – Years and Elements
The Birthday Massacre – I Think We're Alone Now
House Of Pain – Jump Around
Shane Carruth – Stirring Them up as the Keeper of a Menagerie His Wild Beasts
GUMI – Catch You Catch Me
Sound of Ceres – Pursuer
Hurts – Stay
The Knife – Heartbeats
Melt-Banana – Zero
Holy Fawn – Death Is A Relief
Keep Shelly In Athens – Time Exists Only to Betray Us


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