To Etherea and Beyond is a cross-genre radio show, showcasing music with ethereal, atmospheric, and often sublime qualities. The show aims to calm and thrill the listener in equal measure, whilst enjoying some well known and perhaps less familiar music. If you are a fan of tones, drones, tremolos, and soaring guitars, this show is for you.

With a life long love of atmospheric and ethereal music, Simon presents the ‘To Etherea and Beyond’ show. From psychedelic pop songs, through minimal electronica, to soaring film scores, it’s all in there. Not restricted by genres, he showcases beautiful music to new and familiar ears.

The track-list for this show:

World Turns – Rival Consoles
Tundra – Myna Cycles, Jacana People, Neil Cowley
Witney – Mount Forel
Horoscope – Holy Loaf
I Follow You – She's In Parties
Never A Lover – Clem Leek
Angels – Dark Sky
Diving Platform – Nonkeen
Sonata for the Sirius – Peter Broderick
Spirographs – Beatless Mix – Fyfe, Iskra Strings, Kelly Lee Owens
Rivers That You Cannot See – North Americans
Our Wretched Fantasy – Rachika Nayar
Saturday Morning Doze – Ernest Hood
An Escalator in a Storm – Incompiuto, Pt. 1 – Indian Wells
Badd – Dark Sky
Overture One – Adam Pits' Stomp Mix – Manami, Adam Pits
Absorption – Citywide – Martinou
Sliding Through Our Fingers – Kuedo
C.A. – Plaid
Burleson, TX – Clem Leek
Eyes of the Moon – Seahawks
Idea of Order at Kyson Point – Tom Rogerson, Brian Eno
Bloom – Russian Circles
As the Earth Kissed the Moon – Michael Stearns

Background and Outro: At Last Light – Hello Meteor

Music from this show can found on Spotify here.

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