To Etherea and Beyond is a cross-genre radio show, showcasing music with ethereal, atmospheric, and often sublime qualities. The show aims to calm and thrill the listener in equal measure, whilst enjoying some well known and perhaps less familiar music. If you are a fan of tones, drones, tremolos, and soaring guitars, this show is for you.

With a life long love of atmospheric and ethereal music, Simon presents the ‘To Etherea and Beyond’ show. From psychedelic pop songs, through minimal electronica, to soaring film scores, it’s all in there. Not restricted by genres, he showcases beautiful music to new and familiar ears.

The track-list for this show:

An Escalator in a Storm – Incompiuto, Pt. 1 – Indian Wells
Warmth Of The Sun – Sonic Boom Remix – Pye Corner Audio, Andy Bell, Sonic Boom
Witchy Feel – Maps
I Would If I Could – Daniel Avery
Vision of Self – Rival Consoles
Carry – Martyn Heyne
Paradise Engineering – Barker
And The Lake Was… – Jacana People, Neil Cowley
Hummerican – Principles Of Geometry
Starwood Choker – Bing & Ruth
Roam –, Colloboh
Gelis – Flako
Planes (Solo) – Peter Broderick
First, I Heard Colors – Principles Of Geometry
Heya Yaha – Maps
Yonder – Grandbrothers
DaDaDa – HAAi
Pourpre Sommeil – Soft Crash
The Outside – Indian Wells, Soul Island, Andrea Rizzo
Kalif Storch – Modeselektor
When Prophecy Fails – Barker
Frontiers – Rival Consoles
Ultra Truth – Daniel Avery
Says – Nils Frahm
At Last Light – Hello Meteor

Music from this show can found on Spotify here.

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