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As a station, we have been getting tons of questions from listeners, visitors and local businesses about how to offer their financial backing to the station, as opposed to doing a show. So, I thought I would lay out a few guidelines to help you, the willing patron of Harrogate Community Radio, find a way of helping us.

Harrogate Community Radio relies on the good will of the local population to keep the broadcast on air. This station is a volunteer-led and volunteer-operated, not-for profit venture that ploughs all energies in to improving the station, much to the detriment of the admin’s wallet.

We will never run advertisements for commercial gain – yes, there is an Events Board on on site, but that is community driven as opposed to financially driven. We will always be a community radio station – thoroughly democratic and without a corporate agenda. We will never be a commercial station, in that we are, and always will be, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to broadcasting community relevant information and programming. We are radio by the community, for the community.

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In 2020, Harrogate Community Radio has had a growth in listeners of 20% increase month in, month out. This is fantastic. A fantastic start. We want you to feel part of your local, community radio station and chip in for the cost of a coffee.

  • Andrew B, Admin

What Will We Spend The Money On?

In the following tabs I hope to outline what we will spend the sponsorship money on.

We have a customised VPS Server that houses all of the shows and automates them being played out. This is quite an expense every month.

Recurring monthly, the cost comes from the station’s account and is the the stream of shows from us to you.

The Bandwidth Server takes the strain off the Streaming Server. We use a system in Yorkshire to relay the broadcast from the Streaming Server to the individual receiver. So, there is a slight lag. A slight delay of a fraction of seconds between it being played on the broadcast server and you picking it up. This is a Saas Service, paid monthly from the Station’s accounts.

This is the smallest cost of the lot of them. We use Mixcloud for this. Mixcloud Pro costs around £10 a month – we pay monthly and this comes out of the station’s accounts, as funded by our sponsors and the admin.

This is the meat of the costs. We bought the licenses (we, the admin) to last until 2021. We would be grateful to anyone who could contribute to the upkeep of the station so that we can continue broadcasting.

We are licensed by PRS and PPL – these two licenses are the biggest outlay for the station.

I Want To Help As An Individual

If you are wanting to help sponsor Harrogate Community Radio and you are a family, couple or individual – local or elsewhere – all you need to do is click on the coffee cup in the bottom right hand-corner of the pages that you visit on this site.

See the red coffee cup in the bottom right of your screen? Click on that and it leads to the spot on the web where you can contribute to your community station. You can chip in for the cost of a coffee (£3) or in multiples of £3 up to £15.

We use the app Buy Me A Coffee. It is a very safe donation system of patronage and you can even pay by PayPal if you want to be extra safe. If you want to pay by crd, enter your details. Using the latest in web-standards, your card details are whisked away and we will not be privy to them.

I Want To Help As A Business Or Institution

Harrogate community Radio relies on a system of patronage forged with good ties in the local area. If you are looking to donate funds to a local body, then can we suggest Harrogate Community Radio?

We have kept books and an invoicing system, so it is all above board. If you want to help keep Harrogate relevant and community-minded, get in contact with Andrew Backhouse at sponsor@harrogatecommunityradio.online and he will do his best not to panic.

I Want To Help By Putting On An Event

Obviously, live events are stalled due to Coronavirus – but, if you wanted to put on an event for the station in ‘normal’ times we will do our best to promote your event.

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