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Behind The Scenes Brush Up

Written by on February 17, 2021

Hi, I am Andrew Backhouse and I am responsible for the technical side of the station. My day job is as a Web Designer, so it seems quite fitting for me to take up that mantle. I am writing this post in the first person so that you know what I have been up to. I have been fiddling with the station site…

For we now have a ticketing and chat facility, as well as Help Desk.

Help Desk

The help desk is located at and was a lot of fun to build. I have tried to make all of the help articles, all of the subjects we are asked on a regular basis in to one area. This will help people tune in to the station and hopefully help us stop repeating ourselves.

The Help Desk is split in to Categories with several articles within each category. It is pleasing to the eye and gets the job done – nice clear fonts and nothing too flash.

The emphasis of the sub-domain is what we can do for the listener in exchange for their attention. That is all we demand – the rest is extra.

Chat Widget

If you look in the bottom-left hand corner of the window you are looking at you will see a Widget with a smile – click on it and you could son be chatting to one of the hosts or me. It is a chat app that we use for the station – the idea is for the host of a show to say “… and, join me on the chat…” and then monitor the app when they are broadcasting.

The uptake by the hosts has been great – they are all keen to chat with the people they broadcast to.

So far, we have Simon, Beth, Craig J, Paul R., Jack and Mrs Moons – to name a few. Uptake by the hosts has been great! We just need the public to have take to it.

Ticket System

However, we cannot answer all of the Chat texts – we may be out working our day job or we may be having a bit of downtime with a choice beer… so, this is where the ticketing system comes in handy.

This can email the transcript of what you typed in the Chat to you and we can answer if you had to close the connection – it really is a good system.

Summing Up

So, fiddling with the site has come up good, this time around; let’s hope you, the listener, take it up. The priority was the Chat Widget, in the bottom left of the screen, but the rest grew out of that. I for one am very happy with the Help Desk – I hope the other hosts have feedback for it and it can continue to grow.

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