Gearing Up For Thoughty Auti In September ’20

Written by on September 24, 2020

This Sunday sees the return of Thoughty Auty. In this month’s episode, Thomas talks about delicate subject of “should I Get My Child Diagnosed With Autism? – Early Vs Late Diagnosis w/ Luis Oddy” – and he handles it with care and attention. It is no to be missed.

Should you get an autism diagnosis as soon as possible? What are the benefits and disadvantages of SEN schools Vs Mainstream? How do you ensure your child develops socially and confident?

In this episode of the Thoughty Auti Podcast, Thomas talks to Luis Oddy – A documentary creator and Radio Host!

They start by discussing the creation of Luis’s documentary ‘Luis Oddy – Autism Meets Autism’ and how his diagnosis has influenced the many areas of his life. Luis believes the sheltering your child due to a diagnosis is harmful for their longer term development, but also highlights the benefits of getting that support in at a young age.

Thomas uses his own experiences in a mainstream school to empathise that some children may benefit from a placement in an SEN school, but also brings our attention to the social and life experience he gained from that route of education. Moving forward; they both brainstorm on finding the balance between support and exposure to the big wide world.

Does a diagnosis ACTUALLY benefit your child in the long run, in terms of workplace ‘reasonable adjustments’ and educational support? How do we distinguish between sheltering and supporting your autistic child?

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