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Written by on August 1, 2021

Happy Birthday Harrogate Community Radio! We have reached two years old – so, thanks to everyone who has tuned in during the past year and a very big thanks to everyone who has broadcast with us. We have seen some hosts leave the station and we have had a fair few new hosts join the station. We are committed to broadcasting the hidden wonders of the town we love.

To celebrate, I am joined by DJ Scooby Allan and Karen T for a show of Party hits on the first of August, at eight o’clock. You will be there, right?

We have all of the Cheese!

We recorded the show late on Friday night; I was locked up in Chateau Backhouse due to Covid restrictions but Scoob, Al & Karen met up at Creao Studio to pipe me in to the recording, over Skype.

Starship Smyth looked ready for Take-Off although Scooby was looking for refreshments. I was eating.

Frothing at the mouth, I needed a break and then; it dawned on me – the original ethos of the station was that we were after passion, not perfection – here were four bods all passionate about broadcasting and not too fixed on the end result. We were making the show for the fun of it. We were making the show because we wanted a hobby. We were making the show for the love of the music. We did not have an agenda other than the music.

We were embracing transcendence on the downbeat, glimpsing elusive fulfilment. We were four friends having fun.

Quite how that ‘fun’ turned in to a staff of forty five volunteers and two years of broadcast I have no idea – but, that is down to the amazing people who have joined us on the way. The presenters and the hosts who make a show every month or make a show every week. It is to them that we are indebted.

I would also like to thank you, the listener – you are the end user of the product. We do this as volunteers so the fact you can spare five or ten minutes of your day listening to us is truly touching. Thank you. Well, we are two years old – let’s have a beer?


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