How To Get A Show On Harrogate Community Radio

Written by on July 3, 2019

People have ben contacting the station by email and Tweet to ask how they go about getting a show on Harrogate Community Radio. In this post I hope to outline a few pointers that could help ease you along.

What Do We Need From You

Essentially all we need from you is a level of commitment. Can you commit to recording a radio show once a week? Or, can you commit to recording a radio show once a month? Fortnightly? We just need you enthusiasm and determination.

When you have an idea for a show please email us at info@harrogatecommunityradio.online outlining what it is you want to do. Your radio show could be the latest Dub cuts, Rockabilly, Metal, Soul or even a Talk Show.

We will welcome everyone to have a go.

Please email the station with a note of how long your show will be, what the format of the show will be and how often your show will be.

All we need is your commitment.

What You Need

The idea behind the station is that it is trying to unite a load of disparate groups from around Harrogate. The people behind the shows will record their show in the comfort of their own home – we recommend that you, the potential host, get your own equipment. We have secured a good deal with ASAV and we have written about it HERE.

If the station goes under then there will be the opportunity for you to record your podcast for as long as you want – you will, after all, have the required equipment.

About The Station

Harrogate Community Radio hopes to start broadcasting sooner than you anticipate. We are aiming for a soft roll-out, some shows will be ready and some shows need to know we have committed. There is a panel of three people behind the station – they are the people who chose what gets broadcast when.

Because we are trying to represent the community, being from Harrogate provides a good chance you will be broadcast – we do not want to censor the artistic output of the town.

That said – if your show plays a lot of music with swear words in it or you, the host, uses bad language then – by law – we would have to take you off air.


I will give you full training on how to record your radio show. I am Andy Backhouse & I have been broadcasting for years – there is another Andy Backhouse who works for the BBC – it is nice to have a name-sake to aspire to.

The software will be provided (if you don’t have software) and we have written about securing a good deal with a local Audio Visual Firm. We have written a list of suggested equipment HERE and we have given the details of the chap to get the equipment from at a discounted rate.

Summing Up

So, a soft roll-out is planned for the tail end of summer. We are quite excited about this and we hope you are too. Please feel free to get in contact with the station to see about getting broadcast – all we need is your enthusiasm and willing.

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