How To Help Your Favourite Presenter On Harrogate Community Radio

Written by on March 24, 2020

In this Blog Post I am writing about how you, the public, can help your favourite presenter on Harrogate Community Radio during the time of Coronavirus. Coronavirus is set for the long term with the British Government lagging behind the rest of the world in their response. This will cripple an already resource-starved NHS. It will be brutal. But there is a way you can help the presenters of Harrogate Community Radio in this time of crisis.

A lot of the host and presenters of HCR are self-employed DJs or shop owners, freelancers or small business owners. Their income is now £0.00 due to Covid-19. So, the station is trying to help them.

Whether you liked to listen to Craig J’s Four On The Floor or Georgia Eckert’s Recent Reads, travelled the world with Scooby or played D&D with the Geeks At The Gates. We are trying to help people give these very hosts enough money to survive.

To do this we are using the app Buy Me A Coffee – the very same app we are using to fund the station through public donations. If you look at a show’s page or a presenter’s profile, you may see a customised button asking for £3 – this is less than the cost of a pint. If you have the resources then chip in £3 or more. But, please don’t leave yourself short. This is tipping the presenter and helping them, but there is no need to put yourself in dire straits. Hell, if you have gained worth from their show, pay it forward with #covidkindness

Please note that the buttons are for the show’s presenter – this is not the Widget in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen as you look at our website. The widget in the bottom right-hand side of the screen as you look at our website is to finance the station – right now, your money will be better spent on helping out your favourite DJ.

If you are a host on HCR and you have not yet signed up for an account at Buy Me A Coffee then just head to www.buymeacoffee.com and sign up.

  1. Head to www.buymeacoffee.com and sign up – they take a small percentage of each transaction. It is free to join.
  2. Link your PayPal and your Buy Me A Coffee account – there is an onboarding Wizard.
  3. Customise your page on Buy Me A Coffee – this is your call, do as much or as little as you need to. Change the colour of the page or write a bit about yourself – it is up to you.
  4. Convert the currency of your Buy Me A Coffee account to GBP£ – it defaults as US$. Keeping it tidy means you will be paid in £££ not $$$.
  5. On your Buy Me A Coffee account ‘Overview’ there is a Button Generator (not the Widget Generator) – copy the HTML Code and email it to me (Andy) at the station.

We are all in this together – for what could be a long while. Government inaction has led to a lot of people contracting the virus. We are currently matching Italy’s rise in cases, but with a two week lag. Johnson has done too little too late – but, that doesn’t mean you have to behave like a man who brushes his hair with a balloon. Don’t be like Boris Johnson; do something decisive and help a presenter on Harrogate Community Radio.

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