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Written by on February 16, 2021

When I last heard from Nidderdale Community Welcome back in November 2020, they were at the start of their journey to welcome a vulnerable family to Nidderdale. Well, they’ve been busy since then getting their application drafted, getting their excellent website up and running, and other administrative chores like a bank account.

The group are delighted that the website at is now active, and can take donations, so if you still want to support a very local humanitarian project do visit and donate whatever you feel able to.

In these difficult times we are unable to fund raise through normal ‘challenges’ and gatherings, so they need your help Donate to our project, and tell your friends and family about their project and encourage them to help NCW too. They are busy trying to get the word out so tell as many people as you can…

They are aware that it won’t be easy, and although we’ve had it tough in the UK, just think how terrible it would be to have to survive ‘lockdown’ in a tent in a crowded refugee camp, with few if any possessions from the home you‘ve fled from for your safety. That is the reality for millions of migrants and refugees who through no fault of theirs are eking out an existence far from their native country. Children are growing up with no knowledge of their own culture, just the experience of war, famine and death.

Our next task in Nidderdale is to get our application in for approval, which the Humanitarian group will be doing in the next month or two.

However we still urgently need your help. Does anyone have or know of a property which might be available for a two year let, possibly in the Pateley Bridge area although anywhere in Nidderdale could be viable.

The local humanitarian group would expect to pay standard housing allowance rates. Also, there will still be a need for an ESOL Teacher or anyone with language skills, as we will most probably need to teach English to the family on arrival.

Nidderdale Community Welcome need to be in a position to assist the prospective family to apply for social services benefits and to have local schools and health facilities ready to accept them. We will help them find employment and receive the grants for which they qualify, and also other supply support as they need.

The aim is to welcome the family and show them that Nidderdale is a place where they can feel safe and secure.

There is still plenty you can do to help this local band of humanitarians, don’t feel you lack in experience or skills. Visit their website at and contact the group to join them on this noble project. The results won’t just be in a family finding a new home, but also by our community joining together to share the love and experience. After all – what is better than a proper Yorkshire welcome? You can email this group of local humanitarians directly using this address:

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