Plenty Of Ways To Listen To Harrogate Community Radio

Written by on August 3, 2020

There are now plenty of ways to listen to Harrogate Community Radio. As I mention here, on this page, I go in to all of the ways people can tune in to HCR. But, new ways have recently been added and I would like to tell you about them in this post. So, here goes…

We have been working behind the scenes trying to make Harrogate Community Radio a bit more inclusive – so that people can tune in to the station on their own terms. We would not be by the community for the community if we made it difficult for people to tune in. So, here are some of the things we have done…

Harrogate Community Radio Now Has An App

Harrogate Community Radio has its own App. This is very much a work in progress and it is certainly not going to win any awards – but, it is functional and there is the option to stream the broadcast in the background when your phone is locked.

The App is available on Android and iOS (so, that is iPad and iPhone).

They are both free!

Harrogate Community Radio Now Has An Alexa Skill

Harrogate Community Radio now has an Alexa Skill – Alexa is the voice-activated system run by Amazon; it is used on the Echo Devices. To install the Alexa Skill, one way is to head HERE.

There are many ways to install an Alexa Skill but the best way is with your voice…

Alexa, enable Harrogate Community Radio

And then…

Alexa, play Harrogate Community Radio.

Summing Up

So, why am I trying to make it so that the station can be received on as many devices as possible? This is because Harrogate Community Radio is by the community for the community – we would not be fair if we made it so that people could not listen to the station on their preferred device. We still have a long way to go for making it completely inclusive. But, we are trying. Andy

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    • Andy B   On   September 13, 2020 at 3:33 pm

      Hi Adrian – Hope you are well?

      You can listen to HCR on a Sonos.

      I am unsure if you use apps (or, as they are called ‘Services’) on your Sonos. But if you install the free ‘myTuner Radio’ on your Sonos then you will be able to stream the station. Mrs Backhouse has it on her Sonos device, a Play1, and it is a good set up – hope this answers your question.

      Any other question feel free to chip in – I can be reached at info@harrogatecommunityradio.online


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