There Is A Test Broadcast

Written by on July 19, 2019

I am very happy to tell you that there is now a test broadcast for Harrogate Community Radio. It is a field recording fo the Dawn Chorus taken at a farm near Ripon by myself, Andy Backhouse. The hour-ish long recording is just looping away in the background – and, who doesn’t like a bit of Bird Song?

The test broadcast was recorded in Dark Walk Woods, Newby Hall. I had hoped for a recording that would fill up a CD but then a Wren landed on the microphones and started pecking at the fluff looking for nesting material. This loud pecking made the end of the audio distort and it was unusable. Still, I fashioned the audio in to something that was usable.

To tune in to the stream, it depends on what device you are using. If you are accessing the Harrogate Community Radio website on a desktop or a laptop then there is a LISTEN Button and a PLAYER Button in the top right corner of your window. The LISTEN Button is great if you will not be moving away from the website – so you can tune in and just leave it sitting there. The PLAYER Button creates a Pop-Up little window so people will be able to navigate away from the landing page.

If you are accessing the Harrogate Community Radio website from a mobile device and you want to listen to the Test Broadcast then there is a play button in the bottom-right of the window, on any page you land on. This is just a PLAY symbol that is common throughout most hifi brands.

In other news we are in the process of applying for a license – we hope to be up and running by the end of July 2019.

So, there is a test broadcast and things are being dialled to ‘11‘ at Harrogate Community Radio. We have a test broadcast and I have told you how you can go about tuning in to it. If you have an internet connection you will be able to receive the station – this goes for mobile phones, WiFi Radio and Tablets that are connected to the internet. “It’s alive …”

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