Jim Thistlewhite

Hailing from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Jim Thistlewhite is a Singer/Songwriter with over two decades experience of playing in front of a live audience.

Cutting his teeth with song writing in the mid to late 90s, Jim took influence from the Lo-Fi sound coming from America in artists such as Dinosaur Jr. and Elliott Smith, along with the Brit Pop bands of the era like Ash and Super Furry Animals. 

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Meet Jim Thistlewhite

Jim has developed a Folk style of guitar playing which he mixes with lyrics that are intended to paint a sonic picture.

It’s difficult to pigeon-hole Jim as being a “Folk Singer” or an “Indie Artist”, but hearing this collection of songs, you can certainly tell those influences are there.

Jim has a new EP out: ANYWAY / ANYWHERE is an EP that was recorded in small sessions between May and October 2023, however, writing the songs began a year or two prior to this. The first song to be written being “The Protagonist” and the last being “Hold On”.

In the middle of recording, Jim went off to the coast to play at The Robin Hoods Bay Folk Festival and after this, the scene was set for how the EP would shape up.

There are nods of a nautical nature running through the EP with the cover art also being a picture taken outside of The Bay Hotel on the front of Robin Hoods Bay.

So, take 20 minutes to put your feet up and feel the sea-breeze against your toes, and I hope you enjoy ANYWAY / ANYWHERE.

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Jim Thistlewhite

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